For the past two weeks, three nights a week, I have been working at our local community theatre (largest in the nation!) and pulling ropes backstage for “Guys and Dolls”.  It’s a volunteer thing but I really enjoy it so I make it happen.  (There’s a blog post about working in theatre coming soon, I can feel it!)

Last night, I was in my show blacks and getting ready to get in the van to leave.  I briefed the babysitter, left a check for the pizza delivery guy and kissed the littles goodnight.  Ella says, “Mama, wait!  I have to show you something.”

Okay but hurry up.  I have to go.

“Watch this!”  Now, I have found that when a kid says the ubiquitous “Watch this!” it is almost always worth watching even if it’s just a safety check.  I do my best to make time to watch.

“Watch this!”  She takes her scooter up the hill to the bottom of the neighbors driveway.  She stops and turns around, kicks off and comes coasting down the sidewalk toward our house at a pretty quick pace.  The scooter hits the grass edge and Ella flies off the side, deliberately and in very slapstick form.  She tucks and rolls and springs up with her arms out wide, sticking the landing like an Olympic gymnast.

With a great big smile she says “That’s inertia!”

She’s not yet seven years old remember.

I had to laugh.  Inertia.  Do you know what inertia means?

“Yep.  The scooter stopped but I kept going.”

That’s inertia.

That’s Ella.

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